Lighting Control software - Asus Aura plug in and motherboard option don't work

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I am using the ML240R as described in the manual.


The RGB cable from the CPU cooler into the 2nd ARGB slot. The RGB from the two fans (joined with the splitter cable) into the 4th ARGB slot. Exactly like the manual says. Then powered by the USB slot. ( I don't use the SATA slot).




Problem 1:

The Lighting Control software ( will not let me specify 2 connections to 1 ARGB point. So I can only specify 1 of the RGB fans into the 4th ARGB point on the controller box.

Problem 2:

The "Motherboard" option turns the leds off. There is no link to the Asus motherboard and Aura. I am using (Maximus X Apex). All the other lighting options work fine.
The Aura plug in on the main menu of the app also is not clickable.


Problem 3:


If you start the Coolermaster Lighting Control software and then close it, the leds switch on. It doesn't matter if you turned them off in the app or whatever you did. Close the app=Lights turn on.

If you never open the app (and you had turned off the lights in the app on the previous reboot) the lights stay off IF you don't open the Lighting Control app.


I realise the software is new and I really like the products, but I am wondering how to solve these three problems.





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The old lightening control software that previously came with the liquid ml240r & ml360r does not support has the aura plugin greyed out.

remove the old software to download the new "cooler master masterplus" software. It looks the same except it NOW supports Aura Sync.

the aura plugin is now working. to initialize the plug in, make sure asus aura is NOT running. if it is, when you click on initialize, it just goes on for a while to detect the aura devices. I have the asus rog strix b450-f and Asus ROG Terminal. After is says "connected" it will show which devices it found. then run aura sync (if so desired).


Motherboard - My motherboard supports RGB only. The logo lights up (and assuming strips, although i don't have any plugged in at the moment).


Rog Terminal - has four ports, however only the led of the terminal itself is detected and only lights up. Any argb devices whether fans and/or led strips do NOT light up.


However, I am going to eventually try to see if it works with my asus gl 753ve laptop. It problebly doesn't as it uses Aura ROG Core, not aura sync. I'm gonna try it regardless. What I'm going to do is wire the usb from the cooler master argb controller to my laptop, with my desktop powering the device. If it controls the built in keyboard that would be great as no game nor 3rd party device supports the built in keyboard.

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