Frustrated with ML240R Controller and LED's failure

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Count-me-in    0

Oh my god.. I just have an exact problem that you have encountered.. The last time i turned of my computer there was a error tab that appear on the turn off screen ( cant really remember what it says . but its a error and prevent shutting down the computer..) Then when i turned it on again all the ARGB leds that come from the hub were gone.. and the hub remain to stay dark (it used to have about six mini leds bright inside the hub controller).

Can anyone help me out of this situation please??

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Ali Rashidy    0

Hey guys, 


I had this problem after getting my new MLR360R 5 days a go,Yesterday I installed Masterplus software and I woke up today and boom! no lights at all!

I was going crazy just like the rest of you, with no useful answer anywhere, but I think I was lucky to find the solution and I'm here to share it with you. 


The problem happens when you install MasterPlus without updating the firmware first. 


It's all because of the ARGB LED Controller Firmware update,  follow these steps to get it to work again: 

  1. Uninstall Masterplus software.
  2. Download the ARGB LED Controller Firmware from this link.
  3. Run the ARGB LED Controller Firmware update tool. 
  4. Remove all the cables from the controller.
  5. Plug ONLY the USB cable to the controller. 
  6. The ARGB LED Controller Firmware update software will update and the Controller will start working. 
  7. Finally add all the cables back and the LED will work fine.

These are the steps that I followed to get it to work again, after doing the firmware update now you can safely install the Masterplus Software to control the lights, also you will find that  the Mirage effect will work (I have to admit that I don't like it).


I agree with you that it's all because of the lack of documentations and no usage instructions provided by CM. 

But to be honest they said just that in the Masterplus Download page 



MasterPlus+ (Please manually update Firmware before installing MasterPlus)




It's just that we rush to control it using Masterplus and we forget to update the firmware first, I hope they provide better instruction about it in the future.


Anyway I hope I helped you fix this problem. 

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TaterNutz    0

I'm having the same issue, but with a Maximus Hero XI MB. I'm using the large ARGB controller that came with my ML360 AIO. Updating the firmware does get everything working, until I shut the computer down for the night. Fire it up in the morning, and MasterPlus+ software reverts back to pre-firmware update settings. No lights what so ever, controller not recognized. Unplug everything connected to the controller, plug is usb, update firmware, set lighting, save profile, shut off computer and restart, ARGB controller not recognized and needs a firmware update. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. It's bad enough that I need 3 different Cooler Master software programs that don't talk to each other but this is frustrating beyond...

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TaterNutz    0

Ya, I noticed that the day after I posted Scott. I also stewed over the previous night running diagnosis procedures through my head and put together the fact that my USB ports are dead when the computer is turned off. Sure enough upon checking the next morning my settings were set to disable all USB ports on shut down for power saving. Since the controller is USB controlled... Whether it was the firmware update or me changing my power saving settings I do not know but it is better. It still defaults to not reading that it is set to be controlled my the MB with no lights working at all without going in and turning the lights off before resting them to read from the MB but at least it works. Strangely enough, with the update the front ARGB diffused strip on the front of my case (PC-011 XL) which is wired through the controller as well started following the colour sequences too so, bonus there!


What Aura Sync issues are you having Scott?

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AntoineGP    0



I'm French and New here and I Need you're help.

My ARGB IS not working since des weeks.

It's okay for my watercooling, for one fan but it's ''broken'' for the 2nd fan.


I can use software masterplus OR the controller, but m'y second fan remains stuck on the blue color.I don't understand why and I haven't solution. 


I have this bug since i installed masterplus. 

I reinstalled, uninstalled, nothing to do. I come to seek your advice. I feel that masterplus grill my leds .... sorry for my bad english


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