ML240R LED controller is junk!

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Hi. I've just received a replacement ML240R because the first one died. Yep died. No lights on the pump and one of the fans. 
Now within 2 hours of installing the replacement, it looks like the controller has stopped working.
The pump and fan are still running but no LED's at all.
I have tried all the button, checked all the cables, tried different ports on the controller. Nothing works. 
It just sits there doing nothing. 
Even when I plug in a working Coolermaster MasterFan Pro it doesn't light up.
You can see in the image below that there are lights on the controller but its not powering the lights on the fans or the pump. 

I have placed a support ticket with CM support but I wanted to share my frustration with this product. 
And as I have been through the forums looking for answers I have come across a lot of people who have the same problem with these as I do.
The terrible manual,
The lack of diagram explaining button functions on the controller.
No troubleshooting guide.
The lack fact that this watercooler IS NOT Aura compatible.
No it's not!
You can not plug this watercooler or it's fans into the Asus RGB header. 

Seeing as I'm forced to use the controller that came with this watercooler I need to make sure I get a replacement THAT WORKS!
Getting fed up with playing this game with CM as this is the second ML240R I've had that had had bad LED problems. 


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Well your doing better than I have, my parts have been on order for over 2 months, this is the worst support site I have ever been on for replies and CoolerMaster support RMA is the worst I have ever dealt with.


Good luck getting your issue figured out.

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