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New RGB PC Build advice

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I have purchased the  Cooler Master ML 240 RGB Liquid Cooler. My case I have purchased in the Corsair Crystal 570X . My mother board is the Asus Maximus Hero z370 with AuraSync. This motherboard has 2 RGB headers and a single addressable RGB header. I have purchased 3 additional SL120 fans from Corsair also. The same used in the case. These fans however are 52 CFM . Not 66 CFM like the ones used in the cooler. There is a lot of competing RGB standards going on here I realize.  There is a controller both in the case and one for the cooler. My question is if anybody would have an idea on what would be the best way to get them working together in the best way possibe.


Thank you for any advice.

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Actually the cooler is listed on the Asus AuraSync page as AuraSync compatible. That is the main reason I got it.  I guess I can hook that to either the addressable header or one of the RGB headers on the motherboard...and let AuraSync Control its lighting, along with the memory and motherboard lighting. I guess my main issue is if I can get the case fans to play nice with AuraSync.

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