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Gidsen    0

Hey Guys!


I am a proud owner of a Cooler Master Storm Trooper. It was the case I used for my first build and I still love it till this day, but it is time to upgrade. So I've been searching for a worthy successor for a while now and I've even come to a point where I made plans to build a case by myself. The best case I've found so far is the Jonsbo UMX4. It is a suprisingly small and good looking mid-tower that, despite its size, supports full size atx components as well as radiators and multiple hard drives. Sadly it is hard to find and a bit outdated.

At Computex I saw the SL600M prototype and I kinda fell in love with it. It looks very sleek, seems to have some cool features and is supposedly silence optimised.  It has a front mounted PSU, just like the UMX4, potentially allowing for great airflow while keeping everything in a compact enclosure. At first glance I thought this was the perfect case for me, at second glance however I noticed that the case is about as high if not even higher than a MasterCase Maker 5t and I was disappointed. With 544 x 242 x 574 mm the 5t is a really large case. If the SL600M is actually around that size, it will be just another expensive full-tower with some gimmicks.

If it would utilize the space it has gained from moving the PSU to the front more efficiently, it would be able to get under 50 x 50 cm just like the Jonsbo UMX4 did, even with two 200mm fans. Then it would be a relatively compact and silent case while still being able to hold tall aircoolers (like the Dark Rock Pro line or the Noctua NH-D15), radiators, atx motherboards, atx PSUs and a bunch of drives. I know that a smaller size comes at a cost of features, but the UMX4 is a proof of concept that under 50 x 50 cm is definitely possible without much compromise. The front- and top-panel seem to be very bulky which is partly due to their organic design. If the frame and those panels were a bit smaller, the case would already lose a good bit of its bulk without destroying the design language.


The SL600M seems like a candidate for the case of the year but in my opinion it doesn't really live up to its full potential. The high-end segment has either huge, but feature rich cases or tiny, but limiting enclosures. The SL600M could strike the perfect balance and make the high-end market more attractive to the mainstream. The SL600M could be a real trendsetter.


I would love to hear what you guys think about my points, as I'm really looking forward to this case.



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Kosta    0

The SL600M could be a real breath of fresh air for the acoustics oriented PC building community that has gone largely ignored lately due to the RGB/tempered glass frenzy. Super stoked about the release and seeing the initial reviews as I'm ready to replace my aging FT02.


One request I'd have is to make the bottom section compatible with slightly taller fans. None of the 200mm CoolerMaster fans are PWM controllable, and if that will apply to the fans that will ship with this case, I'd consider replacing them with 200mm Noctua PWM ones which are 5mm taller. Would be a real bummer if the bottom shroud was non-removable and therefore fan replacements would not be an option.


Finally, the word at Computex was that this case would be out in October. It's October, is that still the plan? :)

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