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VictorCM    0

Hi, i have the c700p case, my question is should i put a 120mm or 140mm fan in the back as exhaust ? and for the front intake if i put 3x 120 instead of 3x 140 it will be bad ?

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Logan    0

If possible I would use a 140 mm all around. Generally speaking, a 140 mm fan will flow more air at the same RPM, allowing quieter operation for the same cooling performance. However, 120 mm fans will work well, just not quite AS well. It depends on what kind of cooling setup you have, and how much heat your system produces; air cooling vs AIO vs custom loop, ThreadRipper or i5 etc. However, even worst case scenario having three 120's in the front and one 120 in the back will not be "Bad", it could just be a bit better.. but then it always can.


My current setup is the three stock fans in the top, Noctua NF-A14 Chromax in the rear for exhaust, and three more NF-A14s in the front.

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