Asus Maximus X Code/Hero I/O plate does not fit case?

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I have had issues installing an Asus Maximus X Code motherboard into a Corsair case and I am seeing online that many others are having the same issue with this board along with the Maximus X Hero in numerous brands of cases. The issue is the built-on I/O plate which does not fit correctly in the cutout on the case rendering you to have to take a Dremel tool and shave about 1-2mm of metal from each side of the cutout (if the case is laying flat on its side for installation, it would be the left and right sides of the I/O cutout). I had to do this with my current case which was successful, but however, I want to swap cases and purchase a HAF XB EVO. Along with that, in my case, I also have the issue where the expansion slots on the motherboard are slightly positioned more towards the back of the case than normal and makes it so that the cards barely fit and is applying some slight tension on the cards as they are being pushed against the back of the case, about 1.5mm closer (scares the crap out of me after spending north of $1500 on the hardware and I am a system builder who has never ran into these issues before). Has anyone else had this issue? I really want to purchase this case but the thought of running into this issue again steers me away from doing so. If anyone has pictures they can show of their build with the HAF XB EVO and the Maximus X Code/Hero, that would be greatly appreciated! The reason I am asking about this specific case is because I have a friend that did not run into this issue on a Cooler Master Masterbox Lite 5 which I do not prefer compared to the HAF XB EVO. I'll get it if I have to! Or do an open concept case without the I/O cutout. Also, regarding the expansion slots, I installed the motherboard so that it is as far back as it can go away from the back of the case while still being able to mount it onto the standoffs. 


Here are some links to others that are having the same issues. There are also pictures that they supplied on their forum posts. If you google this issue, you will find many posts about it. 




www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-3562363/asus-maximus-hero-rear-panel-fitting.html www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-3562363/asus-maximus-hero-rear-panel-fitting.html


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