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Bart    0

I was sent the ML240r cooler from New Egg for review. I had issues from the start. The pump and fans work great but the RGB's have problems.


At 1st they worked fine with the controller but when I plugged in the USB cable they stay on all of the time and even the power supply fan spins up with the PC off. As soon as I unplug the USB cable it is fine. It's was tough to actually review this unit without trying to find software and controlling the LED's from there. So I finally found some software that I think is correct but I will never know because now, even with the USB cable not plugged in I have no lights at all. Not even the pump lights up. I double checked and reconnected everything and tried different ports to no avail. Now I have a cooler with no LED fans or pump. I actually bought a 3 led fan kit from Amazon so I could have LED fans.


 I think the control module got fried by the bad USB cable but I don't know for sure. ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEA'S?

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Jimmy    0

First post,


I bought the ML120R RGb from Micro Center. The PUMP LEDs do not turn on anymore. It lit up the first time, but after cable management, it does not turn on anymore. 


What is up with the 3 pin connection and 1 blocked out? 


I have tried connecting the Pump rgb directly to the controller and using the given splitter. No lights at all. The fan works fine with and without splitter.


Never buying cooler master again.




Finally solved how to control the argb controller with CM lighting control.

Note I also had a normal CM RGB controller and that was the only device that showed up.


What I did:

Uninstalled all existing CM software

Went to the ML120ARG AIO cooler site and downloaded both software:


Note that this version is 0.86 compared with v1.06 when I went to download from the normal RGB controller site.


Next follow the BOX firmware instructions, meaning unplugging it all and repluging it back in the right order.


Viola the ARGB and RGB controller both appear on the software. Now if they could both sync to each other...



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ChrisM    0

Feel ya pain.


Get weirder.

The argb ports and the rgb port from the same controller dont sync colors.

So now way to have argb and rgb display same color cycle 


Going for a redstick for unity

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