Rene Rasmussen

MasterLiquid ML240R Fan noise

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so i just build my new PC (at the writing of this post my PC is abit over a day old) and i decided to go with  MasterLiquid ML240R everything worked fine untill i decided to run the Fan optimzer in the Bios (asus motherboard)

after that my Fans for the Radiator has have been making this noise (this is it running at full speed so the sound can be heard better but its also there at lower speeds) i have allready written to the customer support about the issue but i would also like other people's opinion of this. are the fans busted or can i fix this somehow? i did change the options in the BIOS back to default

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Necramonium    1

This is because the fans are trash, i had the same issue with one, i bought me the Corsair Air Series SP120Q Quiet Edition and all is whisper quiet now!

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