PSU won't start

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Bujar    0

Hi everybody,

Firstly I apologize if I did not select the right forum category and if I, potentially, repeated the same topic.

I have just bought a brand-new CM PSU (650w). I aim to use it for mining. I connected it to power only GPU & risers and did not connect it as the main PSU (to power motherboard and CPU). I used the adapter (1 to 3) in order to start all (three) PSUs at once but it did not work. Then I tried to physically connect pins green and black (which is same thing that adapter does) but again it will not start.

Probably it is worth mentioning that it showed some working signals in the beginning though fan would start and stop after 3 seconds. However, now it is not supplying at all.

I would kindly ask anybody to give my any hint/instruction to trouble-shoot it.


Thank you in advance  

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Mohd Noh    29


You can contact customer services via ticket and they will assist you .

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