Master box 5 pro rgb/ml120 rgb aio set up for msi x370 pro gaming sli

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In need of advice being my first build. I have a masterbox 5 pro rgb along with a master aio ml120rgb. I'm a little stumped on the fan configuration. I was wonder if anyone could tell me if i could use the 3way splitter that came with the case with the 3way splitter and controller that came with the aio, is it possible to link them all using the one extra line from the aio splitter. Also where would i want to plug them in on my x370 g.p. sli mobo. Here's what I was thinking would work, but something told me to stop and get advice because i felt like something didn't make sense. 20180527_215134.thumb.jpg.65f49ea760867146da25b3514b104b63.jpg20180527_215011.thumb.jpg.096186c95d3f1d5e7b63095bb345f2c7.jpg 20180527_214327.thumb.jpg.3b38e43ef93f5e8257b4e2f5c8e6c2b2.jpg

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