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MegaFlow 200mm Too Noisy! Need Help.

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I recently added a Cooler Master MegaFlow 200mm fan to my latest build having two more Noctua 120mm fans. Earlier i was using a Corsair fan which died so i went to find some good case fans, and many people recommended MegaFlow for efficient cooling.. And hands down, its cools pretty well but the problem i am having is NOISE. It sounds like a loud buzz; much louder than the Corsair 200mm fan i was using earlier..


Both fans are running at around 1000 RPM.. I asked my mate and he said i should recude the fan speed to make it quieter. I tried that too. Though when i run Mega Flow at a lesser 500-800 RPM it is quieter but cooling is affected.. so that does not really solves my purpose.





Here is my mobo configuration..

CPU: Intel Core i7 920 @ stock

CPU Cooler: CM V8

Motherboard: Asus P6T Deluxe

GPU: MSI Geforce GTX 260 SLI

RAM: Corsair XMS 3 GB Triple Channel + Crucial Ballistix 3GB

PSU: CM Silent Pro 700W

Case: Storm Sniper Black Edition


Another interesting fact that i noticed here is that when i remove one of the Noctua fans, this Megaflow becomes silent but again my build start to heat with one less fan.. I am not aware of the reason for this.. Can someone please help me out here??


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Try to seal gaps and holes around the fan (between the fan and the chassis) which allows counter returning airflow and therefore decrease the airflow in the direction the fan is pushing, also the design of the fan is very important, for a silent (as possible) fan choose a fan with lower amount of blades, therefore is better a fan with 5 blades instead of seven blades. Increasing the amount of blades increase the developing noise and reduce the efficiency of the airflow generated. Lower attack angle of the blade can reduce the noise generated by the fan. Also as possible choose a fan with reduced depth, therefore a 20 or 25mm depth fan is better than a 38mm depth fan




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