Mastermouse S Software not working

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Anuchit    0

Does anyone have a same problem?

Software not working...Coolermaster Portal still update my mouse firmware again again again and again (It show update complete but still notify me "upgrade firmware")


Win 10 64 bit = not work (not anything happen after loading screen)

Win XP = not work (As PIC below)
Uninstall = not work

Restart , Window Register cleaning , Other PC - Laptop = still not work....


*** Jackpot ***

After software crash and not loading anything - It was reset my mouse to default
no RGB = still OK
no Macro = Hmm OK
no Storm Tactix function (TX)  =  It's make my life harder to enjoy Shooting Game ( I'm not OK)

Now It's just like a *ucking basic mouse that I have before. :thumbup:

Any Help Moderator?


Screenshot (5).png

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Add Pic from Win10

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Mohd Noh    29


I am not pretty sure what exactly happen but so far > 5-7x delete folder + uninstall but i still get same result as below.

Also work in Windows 7 64 Bits .

Both Windows is Fully Update .



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