Ml240r and Other cooler master rgb fans

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Rohan    1


I have just built a new pc using the Ml240r rgb, 2 x 140 air pressure rgb fans and 1 x 120 air Flow rgb fan. 

The rgb on the 2 x fans and the cooler that came on in the Ml240r kit are all working perfectly, I can control and change colour from the remote 

but no matter how I hook the other 3 rgb fans to the controller they stay blue and I cannot change them, all the switches are set to rgb, all hooked up the same way to the same controller that is controlling the working rgb fan and cooler.

I tried downloading the software for the standalone rgb controller but it doesn't find my controller, ive had it hooked up through usb, to my rgb port on my mobo, it has a psu sata connection

Is there way to get these fans working with this controller or do I need the standalone for those fans. 

Thank you 

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Rohan    1

Yes the support for their products is horrible, I ended up buying their standalone controller to get the RGB in all my cooler master fans working  but have since lost the RGB in the ml240r I think its the controller for it, but it doesn't work on their standalone controller as it is all 4 pin or an RGB mobo connection. 

Very disappointed..

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Gold333    0

Never, never, never, never, never, never buy the ML240R. Never.

I had to exchange 5 units! The first two had screws with misaligned screw threads so they couldn't be fitted.

On the third one, the lower radiator fan failed with no symptoms causing a massive overheat that could have fried my 8700K, 1080Ti, Gskill TridentZ, system. The CPU had been at 77 degrees while gaming without me knowing. The components inside the case were too hot to touch. You literally could not rest your finger on them.

The fourth one came with non functioning lights out of the box. The fifth one came with non functioning control box. Remember swapping each of these coolers requires taking out the cpu and cleaning the TIM off it as well.

Check the Coolermaster forums. They have given up. There are just people posting swear words because no one from Coolermaster is replying. The admins have given up.

Never buy this. Save your systems life. I'm gonna get an X62 and swap out the fans for rgb versions on Monday. I just hope I can place the X62 rotated so the tubes stick out on the top side on the CPU. We'll see.

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