Utilizing Blizzard T2 with two fans

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P_Melas    0

Good day to the community


Being a long time Cooler Master user, I recently decided to re-use my old Blizzard T2, which was used in the past to cool an Intel i3-4330 CPU, now not in use anymore.


Digging in my old unused hardware, I started setting up a PC, based on an Asus P5Q Pro Turbo motherboard and an Intel C2 Extreme QX9650 CPU. This CPU has a TDP of 130W and a Tcase of 64.5°C.


Knowing that the Blizzard T2 only supports up to 95W TDP, I wonder if this can be used with the QX9650 (overclocking is an option for later thinking), if I add a second fan in series with the existing one, to enhance the air flow and consequently the cooling effect of the cooler.


Any advice will be highly appreciated.

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