Masterset MS121 keyboard not working on Macbook Pro Late 2016

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Lukas    3

I recently bought the Masterset MS121 in order to use it to control my late 2016 MacBook Pro With the touch bar. However, I found that the keyboard did not work at all. It does not light up or show any form of life. I have plugged it into a windows PC an I have found that it works on that, then I plugged it into an iMac and it doesn't work there either. Is there any way that I can get it working on Mac or will I have to get a refund? Are any of the CM keyboards Mac compatible? Thanks in advance.

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Brian    0

I have the same issue with my masterset ms120 keyboard+mouse combo..the mouse works on my 2016 macbook pro (10.13.6 high sierra). The keyboard is not detected on my OS X but it works on my windows 10 PC. 


I am thinking a firmware update is necessary...created a support ticket with Cooler Master. Waiting to hear back from them. The firmware I found on their website doesn't seem to do anything..

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