Cooling My Tower Further

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SG    0

Hi, I recently purchased a CoolerMaster H500P and I must say i'm pretty impressed, It knocks the socks off any case I have ever purchased.


To get to the point of the thread:


I am using the 2 stock 200mm fans and the rear 140mm fan along with a HUGE CPU cooler block (Be quiet Dark rock unit), when I max the CPU out it is exceeding 85 Degrees In temperature and keeps rising. (I am using a  i7-8700k Not Overclocked). I know that running this hardware at these temperatures isn't a big deal but i want this system to last me along time since I have a lot of plans for it down the line in terms of upgrades and changes, And as far as I am aware you want hardware below 82 Degree's for longer term health. I am using Intel's XTU for the bulk of temperature information.


My aim is to have the computer run near max CPU at as low a temperature as possible for reasonable lengths of time. (I live in Scotland if that helps so its usually reasonably cold).


I have looked at top mounted fans but am unsure if i can support more RGB fans without buying the Coolermaster Fan hub and what would be better 2x200mm vr 3x140mm, or should I stop being a peasant and go for a water cooler if I expect to reach some temperatures.


I am not made of money but If the performance result is worth it I am In.


How can i keep this thing cool, ideally without changing the CPU cooler ?

Any help greatly appreciated !


Full specs below:


CPU: i7-8700k (Intel)

GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 (ASUS TURBO)


CPU-C: Be Quiet dark rock cooler I

PSU: Corsair VS-650 (650w)

Case: Coolermaster H500P

STR: Samsung 960 EVO M.2 SSD (1TB) 


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Mohd Noh    29


All in your hand

Cant compare stock and after market cooling air or aio

IF me i will go take like an Hyper 212 EVO also potential on OC mode .

If you want RGB theme you can go check Cooler Master Official Website ( you can contact customer services via ticket for more detail )

By the way i live in hot country with ML 240 L RGB i still can get 26c idle and load 40-60c

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