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Is CmStorm Ceres 500 still available?

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Marcos    0

Hello! I'm really interested in the headset CmStorm Ceres 500 and i tried to buy it some times already, but all the stores seem to say they don't have the headset. The stores that said that had it, i bought it but some time later, they told me it wasn't available. Afterwards, i called a guy in another store, to see if they had it, and he told me the headset was discontinued, he told me the headset wasn't being produced anymore.

I'm so sad about it, i really wanted a headset like that one, especially because of the price and the things that it offers. I'm not sure if i wanna buy a headset if it's not ceres 500.

So, i'm here to ask, is ceres 500 still available? Thanks for the attention.


Also, sorry if my english isn't that good.

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