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Buzzing sound when gaming or video playing

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Hello so i got a new pair of masterpulse yesterday and im sad to find out that i have a constant buzz sound in the headset speakers when im either playing a video ( muted or not ) and gaming, how ever if i pause said a video or a stream after a few secounds the static/buzz goes away until i press play again

now the sound seems to be more noticable when the volume is below 100%, at 100% it vanish for some reason, also its more easy to hear it if i use the EQ on the remote or turn on the 7.1..

ive tried everything i can and find on google.. tried all my USB ports front and back 2.0 to 3.0 .. tried a USB hub still there and only with this headset my older headsets dont have that issue


EDIT: now i've found out that the reason i got driver failure on my laptop was due to the masterpulse software, so when i uninstalled that and replugged the headset without the software it worked and it was without the static buzz i get from my desktop AIO PC both run windows 10 64bit ( the software works fine on the desktop tho but with the static buzz )


here is the specs for my AIO


PSU: Energon 1000w

CPU: Ryzen 1600x

GPU: RX580 4GB

MB: MSI Micro-ATX Pro-VD Plus

Windows 10 64Bit


All help is very appreciated!

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Remo    0

Hello i have the  coolermaster masterpulse pro 7.1 headset and have the same issue, their is a constant buzzing/static sound. Originally when i bought it i thought this was due to me using a Laptop but over the past few months i have tried them in several other desktops/laptops and have the same issue i have no upgraded my entire system but still have the same problem with the headset. 


The static/buzzing sound goes away while playing a video/song but as soon as the video/song has stopped playing it returns to the static sound being played. is their any troubleshooting or fixes that anyone has found that would help with this?


thanks in advance

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