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Masterbox lite 5 RGB and CM wired Controller C10L

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I purchased the CM Masterbox lite 5 RGB and CM wired controller C10L. I hooked everything up, using the RGB 1 to 3 RGB splitter connected to the controller. Hooked the controller to a 4 pin Molex. One of the fans is powered by the mother board, the other two are connected to a molex 4 pin. Everything worked for about a minute. They RGBs came on red at mid intensity. I was able to brighten them up using the controller. I then scrolled thru the colors, the last color was black (or no color, maybe an "Off" mode). I have not been able to get them to light up since that last color/mode. I have disassembled everything, changed power cords, scrolled thru all the colors, brightness, and modes and still have not been able to get them to light.  Very strange...  There were no instructions; however, it was pretty intuitive.


Lastly, the two fans that are powered by the molex will only spin if I manually spin them. The power cords are too short to reach the motherboard.


Thanks in advance for any help...

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