ML12R RGB instructions really suck

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Dale    2

These instructions for the ML120R RGB really suck. Sorry but they do.


No where does it explain what buttons do what on the controller.

Or does it explain the other things like the SATA connection and connections like 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and the plug above 7.


And I'm guessing the 2 radiator fans use the spliter provided with the black and brown plugs to the motherboard rear fan header but that doesn't explain how cable 7 is attached to the controller.


Where does the Case reset go?

Where does the motherboard reset go when I have a reset button on my PC case?

Where does the plug above #7 go on the controller that looks like a temperature thing?

Where does 2 and 4 go.


Who ever wrote these instructions really needs to re-think there intentions 


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Mohd Noh    29


Where does 2 and 4 go?

 Those are used for extra fan and below is picture for your reference

If this still make you concerned > please touch our customer services via ticket and they will assist you .




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MrSmoofy    0

Don't worry I had a ton of questions to on correct way to connect things and customer support helped a lot.  Now I'm stuck that the software doesn't see the controller so not sure what to do now.

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Darth Biggs    0

Dude, the they must have had canes bearing down on the Chinese prisoners who assembled the 120R kits.  They boxed them so quick they forgot the instructions.   I bet if you translated some of the "pages" it would read, "Good luck A-holes".  

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Raffy    0

you dont necessarily connect all of those if your only trying to attain the ARGB of the fan .. I only used the addressable ARGB plugs just to control everything to my motherboard , one thing .. at first i was so confused , but technically .. through my research and trying to test everything .. i only need to insert the SATA cable for powering up the controller then , i just connected the ARGB pin to mobo , and connect the USB to USB header in the mobo ..


will explain it further , maybe i could lead some confusion .. 


Notice the pins underneath the controller with the USB , 4pin(RGB) and 3pin(ARGB). Connect all of those to motherboard , you should control it either software of your mobo or the CM software itself

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picko    0

Is there a wiring diagram for the ML120R RGB?


If not can I get a sanity check on the foloowing


1: Pump leads,

1x ARGB (this one is heading for the ARGB splitter cable no 3)

1x 3pin, I assume this goes into a case fan header?


2:From the 4 pin CPU Fan on the mobo into lead 7, this in turn has 2 leads, 1 lead that connects to the controller and a second that is the fan splitter cable that goes to the two radiator fans.


3: My mobo does not have RGB support, is the USB header connection used to control via software?

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