Michael Schwartz

HAF XB EVO Quality not what I expect from CM

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Disappointed in this Cooler Master product. I have decided to keep it, but will think twice on my next purchase if this is a sign of things to come with the Cooler Master HAF product line. Very cheaply made. Screw holes in the sheet metal do not line up very well. Lots of conveniently placed thumb screws, but the misaligned holes and poor threading makes them very difficulty to use.  Use of space per cubic foot area is poorly done. Cases with this volume normally sport 6-8+ bays, this one has 4 x 3.5inch HD bays and two CDROM bays. With todays push towards 2.5 inch form factor you would think they would have employed this into there design to utilize the space more efficiently. Power supply buts up extremely close to the two internal 3.5 HD bays. This will make changing out these hard drives a nightmare if they fail. You will have to take the two sides and top off, disconnect all power supply leads , then remove the motherboard tray and finally remove the PSU to access the HD SATA and power connectors. This is a shame as the drives slide into the bays quite easily with the provided clip in rails. Also, with every insertion and removal of screws and trays, the black paint comes off.

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I have had none of these problems. I have built well over a dozen systems in my XB and have had no paint loss and the only time holes don't match is if something isn't seated right. I have had all the cages in and out, I have removed mesh's and buttons to paint, I have had the feet on and off for different desks, 80, 90, 120, 140 and 200mm fans, multiple liquid loops, and drives of all kinds. My system is apart about every 6 to 8 weeks for cleaning and then whenever I make a change, which is often. The only problem I have had was I broke part of one of the hot swap sockets but it was my fault and it still works. Maybe you got an inferior one but CM is great about support. As far as getting to those connectors it takes less than 5 mins to do that and I'm including with a mounted radiator. Maybe you chose poorly for your needs.

Good luck and I hope you find a way to appreciate all the good things the XB has to offer.

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