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Cm storm xornet story

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Im using my cm storm xornet for 5 years, and won that mouse on a raffle in a cs 1.6 tournament far from my place. Months passed it was stole in a cyber cafe where i forgot to bring home with me, i was very comfortable with that mouse and i feel im very good on playing cs with xornet so i decided to buy another exact same brand and because we were very active player that time i buy it the next day though my place is very far to the place where i will buy like 110 kms almost 3 hrs bus ride and i cannot forget that it was december 24 and on our way home with my teammate we were standing on bus the whole trip. In spite of the cost of transportation the long hrs of standings the day bought for the love of that mouse.


Until i decided to play csgo i was using that mouse until 2015, and suddenly stopped for 3 years because of career. Got back playing january 2018 and finally had a chance to use my mouse that i love. Im now here because my mouse became faulty, it disconnects for a second and then reconnects, most of the time. 2 days i figured out the problem. The wiring is loose on the mouse itself as i touch or move. I tried to bring it to the repair man and said he just needs to rewire it. But the problem is he coudnt unscrew it. He coudnt find the screw. I research and found out where it is located. But im afraid that the mouse feet will get destroy.

Im almost a week trying to find where can i buy a xornet again but they already stopped making of it no one is selling of it, its phase out. Im looking for a xornet like, or maybe a spawn, or xornet 2 and im getting a hard time looking for those mouse. Or maybe mm520. My friends said buy another brand, they dont know how much i love using that mouse how comfortable i am. Help us cooler master.


This is my story of your brand


When you love someone and they eventually leave you.

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