Seidon 240M CPU Fan pump stopped (0 RPM)

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Renato    0



I have a Seidon 240M for about 3 years now and suddenly the CPU fan stopped spinning.

Unless you have some suggestion that doesn't need to open if, I would like to know how to open to try to fix myself, but I couldn't find anyone that tried to open this exact model.

I don't see any normal screws on the top of it, I only see the many triangle screws below it, around the center of copper and I don't think that's the way to open it.

There is one gray round rubber on the top that seems to be removable, but its not so easy and I dont know if thats the way too.


By the way, I am sure it's the fan, not the motherboard or connector or any other thing.


Any help?



seidon 240m.jpg

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Mohd Noh    26


This is just suggestion 

1. Try clean UP your Cooling

2, Try reapply back the thermal paste and Reseat ( unplug the wire )

3, Try Unscrew the radiator and shake it a bit, do you hear any water splashing around?

4, Try touching our customer services ( how to open the cooling ) and they will assist you .

By the way 3 is pretty long or good enough .

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