Cooler Master MK750's Caps Lock LED is working in reverse?

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Shern    0
I recently bought the Cooler Master MK750, the problem is, the Caps Lock LED turns on when Caps Lock is turned off, and turns off when the Caps Lock is turned on.

I have tried connecting another keyboard to my PC and turning off the caps lock with that keyboard in hopes in syncs up with this keyboard. It doesn't work.

Any ideas?

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Posted (edited)

Hi there, did you ever manage to fix this?


I've only had my MK750 for 2 weeks, but this happened suddenly the other day and won't go back. I use my keyboard for writing, not gaming, so it's really disorienting. The num lock and scroll lock are reversed too.


Is there a way to reset the keyboard? Would that fix the reverse I wonder? 


If you've had no joy, I guess I will have to contact support....but they're already helping me with a software issue and I feel a pain :/


The keyboard is amazing, I hope it's not broken! I was really hoping to do a review for my YouTube channel this weekend! 


EDIT: I think I've fixed it!!! If you press FN+E and hold them down for a few seconds, it will reset the keyboard. You will lose your LED settings and macros, but the lights now work correctly! Fingers crossed it stays fixed!



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Nortada    0
Posted (edited)

Edit: problem fixed; after installing Portal and updating firmware, everything works as it should. CAPS LOCK and NUM LOCK are no longer inverted in any of the profiles and the one key that didn't work in my Portuguese layout is now working. Also, there are a handful of new modes.


Original post, before edit:


I just got this keyboard myself and I'm having the same problem. It's not consistent either, it varies according to illumination mode.


CAPS and NUMLK are inverted in:

- Reactive Fade

- Stars

- Rain

- Ripple

- Crosshair


CAPS and NUMLK display correctly in:

- Color Cycle

- Breathing

- Static

- Rainbow Wave


I haven't tried Custom.


I also have one key that doesn't light up in Rainbow Wave mode. It's a specific key to the Portuguese layout, so it looks like they just forgot to program that one key for that one profile.


This is all from changing setting on the keyboard. I haven't tried the software yet.

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Problem fixed - solution at beginning of post

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