intel 2011 Wide & Narrow ILM 2011-v3

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CM compatibility chart/database lists 2011-v3 & 2011 compatible,


but there are 2 different 2011-v3 & 2011 sockets,

Wide ILM "standard X" & Narrow ILM similar to AMD, but Not compatible with AMD..


i know CoolerMaster should not deal with Intel vs. AMD War...

but... neither should i.

MasterLiquid Pro was listed as compatible.


CoolerMaster Liquid Pro is Not intel 2011 Narrow ILM Compatible "is incompatible".

please make an official statement about this.

is CM gonna make a compatible part for the affected users?,


intel Narrow ILM is similar to AMD Bracket,

but is Not possible to drill some holes in the intel Wide Bracket D part.


there are 2 problems:

E part could be drilled, "could work with metallic O-rings"

but E part height is different than D part height, designed for I-part length.


ways to solve this:
a) Making a New part compatible with Narrow ILM holes & I-Part height. call it E-part v3

2-parts total.

If that part is made, I-part can be reused for both Wide & Narrow ILM,

an "easy" Fix.

but this incompatibility should have been Warned by CM before purchasing.









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