Water cooling my notebook advise

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Hello community

I´m facing a dilemma here that keeps me from sleeping and i really want an opinion.
I have a Clevo P775TM1-G, with a GTX 1080 and a I7 8700K, and as you might think, the fans are really really loud, and the temperature of the GPU is very high 90º
I try everything to drop this, but with no success, in order:
-Thermal Grizzly Condunaut, dropped to 83º, but i bet it would go higher
-polish the heatsinks
- tape the fans and heatsink, cause the airflow was not at 100% going into the heatsink (this was made by Clevo)
- They sandpaper them also
and after all this, nothing changed, the fans are still loud, not throttling, cause in conversations with my Clevo representative about the 90º, they only made an undervolting in the BIOS and tell me to keep it that way, that this system is normal to work with temps like this.

But i would like to change this

i saw this video on youtube and also others similar to this one, and i really think this is indeed a good idea, it doesn´t violate nothing, it´s just putting it on the top of the heatsink, nothing more.

So i´m thinking and thinking about this, cause if i have to buy a cooler master storm F-17 sh***, cause there is none better than the expensive SF-19, i will have more fans, more noise, and no down temps at all, and we all know this right?

If i´m forced to have a laptop cooler, i prefer put some kind of grid that supports the machine, or aluminium case, with the radiators facing down, with the laptop lifted enough to the radiators have space to be there.

I don´t move that much with my laptop, so i see no problem in terms of portability, but if i had to take it somewhere, i just cut the strings and take the radiator out. Once again i see no inconvenience here

Now, after all this crazy, or not, thing......what can you advise me? Could this be a solution to have a quiet and cool environment? I really am tempted to fight this 90º or else in a year or so i´m without graphics card

The doubt is, would this work and worth the investing?

The parts that i think i need to plug in a Cooler Master Liquiid 120 with manual fan control are:

Is this it? could it be possible?

Thank you all in advance

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Mohd Noh    28
7 hours ago, AlJourgensen said:

Anyone please?


Please get an advice from our customer service via ticket , they will assist you .

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