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Modding components for COSMOS C700P

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I admire white or silver in a case as much as the next person, but preferably when the whole outer chassis is that way, as with the COSMOS II 25th Anniversary Edition.  For the COSMOS C700P, therefore, I would like two modding components in particular to be made available:


1) Feet/carry handles in brushed black aluminium, and;

2) A "DarkMirror" front panel, with frosting at its sides and in the logo, to allow enthusiasts to show off any RGB fans.


It would also be helpful for there to a rear panel for Chimney layouts with an integrated dust filter.

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So, this week was Computex 2018, demonstrating the C700M or "Maker Edition".


Whilst I'm still disappointed by no front panel you can see through, I prefer the new, darker aesthetic and like that RGBs are now addressable.

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