MM520 Vs Xornet (Shape)

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Thavirat_p    0

I'd love to leave my comment on the shape for other fan to read from here. I'm a fingertip/claw grip user who has 18.5cm hand length.

1. Xornet is shorter than MM520 so its better for people who don't like the feel of the palm touching the mouse.

2. MM520 is taller than xornet (which I personally think it's abit too tall)

3. MM520 has better finish (more durable and it feels less dirty)

4. the pinky spot for Xornet is better than MM520 (human hand are arranged in parallel position but they make mm520 pinky to point outward at an angle)

5. Both Xornet n MM520 thumb side has to be adjusted to somewhere in the middle of the two of them. 

5.1 MM520 thumb side has too much curve which forces ur hand to be placed in certain ways since its slippery n very curvy but the side buttons has better design.

5.2 Xornet has rubber grip on the thumb side but i'd prefer if it was the new honeycomb design.

6. MM520 has better scroll wheel and better designed DPI button.

7. MM520 has wider area u can click (Big plus! feels comfortable)


I love this serie of products and I see Cooler Master is trying to improve the product line according to our feedbacks all the time but I also see that they are trying to make it kind of into Claw/Palm grip mouse when it was Claw/Fingertipgrip mouse which I donot fully enjoy. The curves are too exaggerated on mm520, need a rubber grip on the thumbside, and it is a little too long and tall, otherwise, its perfect for me. 

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loveless    1

As a years long Spawn user, someone who had Xornet for several months and now owns a MM520, I agree on most counts. My hand is 18.5x10cm and I've gotten used to wide mouse.


MM520 is longer, that's immediately noticeable. It's doesn't bother me, it's not too long, like Mionix Naos 5000 that I had long ago. It now allows people with small hands to palm it comfortably while still being excellent for fingetip, which you couldn't do properly with Xornet/ made MM520 more versatile.

It's taller than Xornet but in one specific part, on the left side between the thumb and index finger. Your palm actually rests on that part a little...Xornet has a bump which is more centered. If you look at them from behind, MM520 has a more steeper curve from left to right, while on Xornet it's more gradual. 

What's also more gradual on Xornet is the finger rest for the ring finger, on the right. The part with mouse buttons on the MM520 is narrower than Xornet's, which makes that ridge more pronounced on's more "smooth" on Xornet. It does suit me in a way, however, because I had some fatigue with Xornet during long gaming sessions (like 6+ hours), I felt like the my ring finger and pinky were too separated from the rest. So far, no such feeling on MM520, my ring finger don't feel as spread out because of narrowed mouse buttons part.


I kinda like the new PBT material on MM520. Feels good, doesn't slip...The coating on all of my Spawns used to peel after a year or so. No such issues on Xornet but I've only been using it for several months. I don't mind the lack of rubber on thumb rest, it doesn't slip, and it's comfortable for me. On contrary, I dislike thumb buttons. They sound loud and weird...I'm yet to get used to the feel, since I'm not using those often.

As for rest of the buttons, it's my biggest gripe with MM520. They work fine and they're comfortable but the the click feel is noticeably worse than Xornet, for me. They sound hollow and loud, the right one more so than left one. I don't know if I got the "wrong" specimen or my Xornet was super tight, but I really prefer the ones on Xornet, they were almost the same as those lovely ones on Logitech G203 which were perfect for me. DPI button is ok, but I prefer two wide ones on Xornet than single narrow one on MM520.

Scroll wheel is a lot better on MM520. Bigger (or taller) than Xornet's so it's easier to find, much better feel while scrolling, semi-loud, easier to press (but still a lot harder than Mouse 3 on G203)...

The cables are good on both, IMO. Relatively thin, smooth, no issues (G203 beats them, though).

So far no issues with sensor. I had a problem with Xornet where cursor would sometimes skip and jitter during very slow movements, which made precision stuff like fine skipping in porn videos (hue) annoying. It was happening on both mouse pads I have...I don't know if it's the sensor or something else but it's the main reason I switched from Xornet to MM520. Otherwise, I was pretty satisfied with Xornet...


I don't really mind the new shape, but it would be perfect if MM520 was just a fraction smaller with same shape. Or if they just gave the Xornet that sensor and scroll wheel...



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