Does anyone know when the H500p mesh or H500m will come out?

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Dougy    0

I love the design of the H500p and want to get one, but after hearing about the thermal issues I went to a micro center near me to look at it in person to see if it really was that bad. Turns out there is actually only about half an inch of space for the 2 front fans to get air through the mesh grills on the sides which is not something I want.


Does anyone know the planned release date for the updates to this case are? 


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Aaron    0

I'd also like to know this as well. But scouring the internet, some are saying March-April, others are saying Q2 (April-June).

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I dont know the release of the Official mesh version.

But i just made my H500P finish by myself.

Just take a Laser cuter and make some nice holes in the Front =) 

After that the Airflow is realy nice. I have Water Temperatrues between 24°C in Idle and 35°C in Stress Testing (Fans by 50% max) 5a87499059d89_2018-02-1622_08_27.thumb.jpg.ca3bce5af56569693178758e8cd8096c.jpg


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