Mohd Noh

Non RGB Motherboard with RGB stuff

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Mohd Noh    29

Hello ,

How to turn on the RGB for old motherboard ?

Specs :

Gigabyte z97x Gaming 5

MasterCase Pro 5

MasterLiquid ML 240 L RGB changed the stock fans to MasterFan Pro 120 x2

MasterFan Pro 120 x1 RGB

MasterFan Pro 140 With RGB controller

1x Pwn Splitters 4 way

1x RGB 4 Pins Led Strip Splitters 1 to 4 Cable

1x RGB LED Contoller


** Please take note that this is non RGB chassis and non RGB motherboard

to make the RGB available ( ON ) for RGB chassis please contact our customer services for more detail




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Mohd Noh    29


To make it on , we need an software and not just software but the ( device ) RGB LED CONTROLLER as well .

This device is easy , just need follow the manual and done .

Before i move to Fully RGB setup , i am using Master Liquid 240 ( non RGB ) but with as i mentioned above i am able make RGB stuff .


Please get an advice from customer service and they will assist you .

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I was having issues, pump worked but the RGB did not. My problem was the power, the RGB control needed the sata power hooked up regardless if it was getting USB power. 


Hope this helps someone.

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Declan    0

I recently purchased the MASTERFAN MF120R ARGB 3IN1, the Cooler Master 1 to 3 splitter and a single MASTERFAN MF120R ARGB fan, im currently having trouble trying to sync the fourth single separate fan, i mistakenly bought the wrong single fan initially the MASTERFAN MF120R RGB which i soon later realised was the incorrect fan with the only difference being in name the letter 'A'   -_- , is it possible to link a fourth fan and sync the RGB with the MASTERFAN MF120R ARGB 3IN1 Controller as i do not have any RGB headers on my mobo ? 


Please advise asap 


Thank you & Regards      

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you can still hook it up to the controller, however it only works on the "rgb" 4 pin side, NOT the 2+1 pin argb side. With the cooler master masterplus software, you can use both at the same time. however, when not using the software, you can only use argb or rgb.

You may or may not know this, if you have the controller that has both argb & rgb ports, you don't have to hook them up to the spliiter. they can be wired to each port. just make sure the approriate rgb/argb are on compatiable ports. if you hook up argb fans/pump to the 4 pin, you will permanently damage the leds as they are 5 volts! 3pin ports - 5 volt, 4 pin ports 12 volt.

reason not to use splitter for argb fan/pump. patterns are SYNCED. if you wire them to seperate ports, they are controlled independently (software only). if you configure the software to motherboard, unfortunately whether or not you use the splitter they are synced. something cooler master needs to fix.

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