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kaitlin kaschak

have a few questions about my newly purchased master liquid lite 120

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ok so i just ordered online the cooler in this link


since this is my first ever water liquid cooler only ever owned air coolers i have a few questions


#1 how well will this cool an overclocked QX6850 socket 775 cpu overclocked between 4.0-4.5GHz info on my cpu can be found below 2 Extreme QX6850 HH80562XJ0808M (BX80562QX6850).html


#2 is it possible to add a second fan to this cooler since it only comes with one and if so where can i buy the parts i.e. screws and the like


#3 lastly what else should i know or expect during first time power up and usage dont wanna panic and do something to the cpu cooler that might be normal


lastly for those who ask my original cooler was a hyper T4 which had trouble keeping my 130 watt cpu cooled even at stock speeds


also wheres the best place for me to install the radiator in my case info on my case is in the link below sorry im a newbbie at this stuff and dont wanna damage my cpu liwuid cooler

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