V550 Problem with low loads?

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Hello People of Coolermaster,

In December i bought a V550 for my new server. I wanted to build a low power server, which i could provide with some more hard-drives in the future. However, i got a problem with it, and i don't know if it is a failing V550, of that the load on the server is to low?

Hardware that i use
Processor: Intel Pentium G4560
Motherboard: Fujitsu D3417-B2
Memory: Kingston ValueRAM KVR24E17D8/16 (1 Strip of 16GB ECC Memory)
SSD: Intel 600P 256GB
HDD: 2x Hitachi 2TB

Operating System that i tryed:
Windows 7 with Prime95
Memtest 86+ Pro 7.4

First i did try the setup without the 2 HDD's, the system ran fine, but sometimes the system would reboot, without a single mention of this in the system logs other than last shutdown was unexpected... I did try "Prime95" to stress and test the cpu, and that ran fine for more than 24 hours. Also Memtest86 Pro ran fine for the 8 hours that i did run that. i had the strange idea that maybe the load under idle was to low, so i added 2 Hitachi hard-drives of 2TB each. It did not make a difference.

I bought this motherboard because i wanted to build a low power server, and according to other people on the internet it is a very power efficient motherboard. There are other people with the same setup (cpu, motherboard and ssd) and they report values between 4 and 6 watts being used by this system. I bought a "Brennenstuhl PM 231E" (which is supposed to be very reliable) to monitor how much power the server used and i also came at 6 watt idle.

I decided to try another power supply from my old server. This is a old Chieftec 360Watt power supply, being more than 11 years old now. With this power supply the server is very stable, with an up-time of 2 weeks at this moment. But i don't like the idea of an old power supply in my server, next to the fact that the system is not as power efficient as it was while using the V550 (it uses something of around 18 watt now). The whole reason i wanted a V550 was because it should be very efficient at low loads...

Only, i think my V550 is stable at higher loads. Prime95 ran fine for example, with that i had a load of 40 Watt and the system was stable. In Idle i would get reboots, sometimes within 2 hours, other times after 6 hours. I don't know if this is something to request a support ticket and send it in. Do you have any advice?

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