Masterbox Lite 5 RGB uncontrollable RGB

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kccorl    0

I recently bought a Masterbox Lite 5 RGB for my brother to replace his old and flimsy case.  The only issue we ran into was with the middle fan's RGB.  We built the computer, connected the RGB splitter to all the fans, turned it on, and no RGB on the middle fan.  We downloaded the RGB control for his motherboard (ASRock's version), and attempted to resolve the issue.  The issue then turned into incorrect interpretation of the RGB colors.  The 2 other fans appear to be working as expected, though.  With all of that said, below is the list of troubleshooting we tried with no success on resolving the issue:


  1. Disconnect the RGB header from the middle fan and connect it to the other headers that are working correctly.
  2. Change the frequency and color coming from the motherboard. (this resulted in weird colors coming through on the middle one that did not match the others


Another important note is that they are all attached directly to the power supply through 1 molex converter.


Any advice on what to try?  Also if I have to get a new one, is Cooler Master willing to just replace the fan?  I'd really rather not return the whole case if it's not necessary.

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Added my questions.

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Mohd Noh    29
9 hours ago, kccorl said:

Any advice on what to try?

Hi Kccorl

Yes please touch our customer services , they will assist you .

sorry for the inconvenience caused

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