hyper 212 led turbo am4 compatibility

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i have asus b350-f strix board a hyper 212 led turbo with the am4 mounting clip. what i want to know is why can't i use the am3+ srcew down method for mounting the cooler, it looks as though it could or does it not provide sufficient pressure. i don't want to use the clip method as the fans face up instead of to the back of the case.

i have now downloaded the latest pdf manual, the manual that came with my 212 led turbo was incorrect, the am3+ mounting system is also the am4 method. the pressure clip is an optional method. really bad mistake by cooler master.

so another edit they have changed the back plate so i can only use the pressure clip method not screw down method good job cooler master, seriously incompetent. i will junk this CM junk and buy another brand.

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