Hyper 212 EVO AM4 bracket standoff screws

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I have the hyper 212 evo that works wonders for my current AMD FX-6350. I just purchased the Ryzen and now need new parts. I have the bracket that fits, but the standoff screws I have do not fit the back plate. I have been on hold with customer service for 2 hours, and it has sent me to voicemail 4 times. When I call back there is almost always an extra person in front of me in the queue. I would just like to know how to get the standoffs without having to deal with this atrocious attempt at customer service.


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I have the same problem with the back plate packaged with the 212x not aligning with the ASRock 350 Pro 4 mobo.  I've left voicemails and submitted the issue online. All I got in return is a link to their downed online store to buy the correct back plate. Are you kidding me Cooler Master?!?! I've found forum threads of people receiving the correct plates and proper customer that not part of your "policy" now??? The holes in the plate are roughly 1/8" too short/narrow to align properly.  Want more fun proof...have a fantastic read here:


You can see on the poster's 6th photo of the back of his mobo, where the screws penetrate, those tabs flare out a bit. The plate I have they do not flare, they are short nubs like in the middle of the plate. I registered just to voice and support this thread in hope of a solution.


I just reread the linked thread and apparently someone was recently and properly supported with new brackets on page 3. I'm willing to wait is hopes they can address us in a similar fashion.

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