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Jason    0

Hi, I am curious if anyone have experience with MasterAir MA610P. I am interested in this cooler but I am concerned about the fan setup. It is marketed as a push pull config but every video and picture of this product had both fans pointing towards the heatsink. This seems odd to me as it is not the air flow path advertised. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it possible to take the fans out of the shroud and orientate it right way giving a push pull config or or beable to remove/swap out fans from the shroud.



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Binabiqe    0

I own a coolermaster masterair MA610P, and I can insure you, the cooler works in a push/pull config. you can take either fan and position it on the other side, but it isn't possible to let both fans blow to the heatsink itself. hope it helped ;D

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