Wraith Max RGB cpu fan

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Thomasj    2

I didnt buy it for the RGB, actually didnt know it was there until I got the product with my amd cpu "in a box", but..... you make a fan with a RGB light on it, you make it color adjustable by a wire to USB port on the motherboard and you have a piece of software to control the color...... so far so good....


Then why can the software only do 4 things.....

1. cycle colors

2. set it as one static color

3. the the light blink (breathe)

4. off.


what happend to all the cool stuff.....


5. The obvious... color scale depending on cpu speed

7. color scale depending on fan speed

8. color scale depending on hdd/ssd activity

9. Blink to music beats...

10 going further......blink to every keyboard input....if detectable.

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David D    0

Do you know if this product can be bought separately apart from buying the cpu. Because I'm having issues finding a compatible AM4 HSF that also fits in a matx case that doesn't interfere with the RAM slots?

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