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Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 5 RGB front air intake

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Mohd Noh    29
4 hours ago, djelano_23 said:



I have the same problem and also looking for a solution.

Can't find anything to :(


On 12/17/2017 at 8:40 PM, Japan Freaks said:

hi i have a Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 5 RGB  with a corsair h115i mounted in front and when i have the front plate/panel mounted its at 45° celsius when i take it of its at 33°

so is there a solution for this i tryed to find a custom front panel/plate but i cant find any.. can someone help?

Hello ,

I am not pretty sure about this , but i love suggest you guys to contact our customer services maybe they solution regarding this issue .

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Neosnow    0

The airflow is REALLY  awful .

I have purchased one when it just released  ( even without RGB version )  and I immediately noticed the Issue. 

I can say that there is almost no air could pass through from the front , because it's sucking air through the hole nearby  PCI slot when front panel is closed. 


I;ve contacted customer service and they did nothing. Maybe because I'm in Taiwan and they don't care about  customers here.


The new released  MB600L case ,  I wonder if it can fit Masterbox lite 5 ?




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Mohd Noh    29
58 minutes ago, Neosnow said:

I;ve contacted customer service and they did nothing. Maybe because I'm in Taiwan and they don't care about  customers here.


Can you pm me your name and ticket number ? i just talked with HQ regarding this issue

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I sent a message to customer service last week with al the info


I had an hp 810-211na, which has a small case, now I always monitored temps, especially when I pulled out the 770 and dropped in a 970 then a 1070.

Even in the standard case the cpu temp never went over 70c on ark survival.


I seen your case a couple of weeks ago and well i thought it looked great so i bought it. Pulled out all the gear from the HP and put it in the lite 5. Since that point playing ark has become a hot affair, I sit on average around 70c on the gpu (used to be 60c) and the cpu is now 80c (used to max out at 70). Considering the amount of fans etc in the case, I figure that the front panel was the culprit. when i pulled it off and ran ark survival, the gpu dropped to about 60c (the same as the old case) and the CPU to 70 (same again). Please tell me that this case hasn't got an inherent flaw with lack of airflow. I have checked all the fans, that have no obstructions, the gpu and cpu had a blow out when i was transplanting them and they are clean. I don't want to leave the front off because of dust getting into the innards. Please tell me there is a fix, because I have got rid of the old case and now I'm stuck with a good looking microchip cooker. Even a mesh grill in the same shape as the acrylic front would still make this a good case to look at. The annoying part is that i have tried to return this to the supplier, but it is a catalogue shop and as i fitted all the parts it is classed as used, so they wont take it back. Please please tell me there is a fix!!! I have included 2 pics, 1 called front on with the high temps and one called front off with the lower temps. both were taken while i was staring at the same point in ark survival for 10 mins.


Specs i7 3770 non k, not o/c. Stock cooler gigabyte 1070 oc mini itx 16 gig ram 2 x 250 ssd 1 x 3 tb hd 1 x corsair 600w psu thank you


forgot to mention before removal of the front panel the top of the case from the front to the back was hot to touch, this does not happen with the panel removed either...



CM reply


Dear Mr./Ms,

Thank you for your inquiry.

The temps are a bit high, what kind of CPU Cooler are you using?

Unfortunately do we not have any other front panel with mesh to improve the airflow.
Most likely there will also not come a mesh panel for this case model sorry.

We unfortunately do not have a fix for this.

Kind regards,

Cooler Master Support


So what cooler...did you read my original message it said STOCK. I didn't get a chance to reply till yesterday, but by then (1 week after their response) they had closed the ticket.


This case is truly awful. I had to buy a water cooler just so I could keep the cpu below 70 with the front on playing ark. I have now bought some dust mesh, put it behind the fans and pulled the front off. Now sits at max 60 when playing anything.


The front bottom air cover is a gimmick, if you take it the bottom cover off and look up with the main front panel fitted, there is the smallest gap, smaller than the top front by the looks of it. Very badly designed. Avoid unless you want to spend another £70 + on an aio water cooler


Not Happy, looks like I'm going to have to dremmel the inside of the front cover just so I can have it fitted with reasonable airflow, probably the bits were the detachable covers fit.


Top pic old stock cooler front fitted, bottom pic old stock cooler front off



front on1.JPG


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