Alt and Windows key have switched

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Oliver    0



Randomly today my Alt and Windows keys have switched around without me knowing how/why - any idea how I accidentally did this and how to reset it?


I've tried unplugging, resetting my keyboard layout (UK to US etc), uninstalling the keyboard driver and restarting, but nothing works.

I've made sure this is exactly what is happening by opening the on screen keyboard and pressing the buttons to see it visually to see that it has indeed switched around.

This is really annoying because if I'm full screen in a game and I press alt I'll get minimized or thrown into the Windows menu and I use alt in all the games I play. I just want it reset to default somehow, or not repeat the same mistake again.

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eyekode    0

This recently happened to me. I have no idea how but it was driving me nuts! The fix for me was holding FCTN + e

This resets the keyboard back to normal clearing all settings. 

Hope it works for you!


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