Dear CM, please sell me TG side for MasterBox Lite 3.1

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skyeryder    0

I recently switched my case to MasterBox Lite 3.1...
I love this case, amazing looking case at $40, size is perfect for my small desk.

But, why do you do this to me CM? You just released TG version of same case?

With price difference of only $10, I would have waited, had I known, there will be TG side version!!!

Case still looks amazing even with plexiglass but I already have hair line scratches in less than a week.


I hope I can buy TG side panel from your parts store, or have it available at retail stores.


Thank you!

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On 12/12/2017 at 11:56 AM, Mohd Dzuld said:

Hi ,

Please touch our customer services via ticket , maybe they can help you . 

Hi Dzuld,


I have submitted ticket for this. Same case as thread starter, I have purchased the acrylic version just over a week plus ago and now I saw the TG version on the website. Would like to know where can I buy template glass panel only for my Masterbox lite 3.1 case in Malaysia. Absolutely love this case, but afraid to peel of the protector film because acrylic easily scratched.


Thanks! :)


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