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Razcor    1

This is a fabulous piece of art. Really like logo relocation...

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Boddaker    14

Just a quick update to show some teaser shots of the black chrome pieces. Should be getting these back in the next day or so.. Can't wait!


Motherboard tray, top grill, and the two webbing pieces hanging (gold tubes not mine lol)


Closer shot of the top grill..


One of the two webbing pieces..


Same webbing comparing it to regular chrome..


Strix 1070 fan bezel..


Front panel..


Zadak511 SSD trim piece..


Will get more detailed shots once these parts are back in my possession. Stay tuned!


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Boddaker    14

One more: Top and bottom alu rails..


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Boddaker    14

Had a great productive weekend!  Made an extra webbing insert for the back light panel so it matches the double layers of the top panel.  With the lights on, it creates some really cool shadow effects. :)

Got started on the front light panel as well.. With the reservoir mounted directly in front of it, I needed to make some pass-thru holes for the in/out ports. Fortunately, the frosted 1/8" panel is transparent enough for me to see exactly where the fittings are.

The view from the res side, and my markings seem to line up nicely.

I used a 3/4" spade bit to start the hole, then finished it off with the dremel.

With the Primochill flex compression fittings..

..and a view from the other side..

Once that was done, I figured I'd make the pass-thru holes on the top panel as well. After marking the holes and seeing how close they were to the webbing, I decided to work them into the design, rather than having just perfectly round holes like the front panel.  So I free-handed some random shaped holes to blend it in to the overall web pattern.

..and cut!  I also added a couple smaller holes next to the main ones, but didn't go all the way through, just to enhance the effect.

..and with the white fittings..

Lastly, I of course just had to see what it looked like with some black LRT flex tubing!

Only thing left is to add the led strip to the front panel, and then all the light panels will be done!


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