Hyper 212 evo greasy residue on fan?

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Matt    0

I purchased a hyper 212 evo two years ago when building my PC.  During my monthly cleaning this month i noticed a greasy residue on the bottom side of the fan and near the two holes on each bottom corner.  Im worried it is what caused my recent crash.  I tried to track where the residue was coming from but i cant seem to find a source.  Could it be grease in the fan leaking out?  Do cooler master fans have grease in their bearings?  Will the grease drip onto my gpu and or ram and damage them?  I have attached an image below showing where the residue formed before cleaning with 99% iso


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Mohd Dzuld    3

Hi man ,

Correct me , main issue is coming from the fan right ?

Better get new one to avoid any happen :)


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