Sickeflow x vs Jetflo vs MasterFan MF120L

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ArthurL    0

Anyone can share any insights of these 3 fans please? just a causal gamer wants to build a PC but I am very confused with these 3 fan models which all comes with LED light. To me, they are the same.

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Mohd Noh    29

Hi Arthurl

Of Course not same .

For Jetflo : Rubber pads with steel threads to absorb vibrations and noise
95 CFM from advanced blade design that produces excellent performance
Silent and long life POM bearing (*POM: Polyoxymethelene)
Includes two silent mode adapters to fix the fan speed at 1600 RPM (28 dBA) or 1200 RPM (19 dBA)
Smart Fan Engine:
High efficiency motor
Low starting voltage
Fan-jam protection
Auto-resume after blade obstructions are cleared
Dust & water resistant
Polarity proof
Red, Blue, or White smooth LED lights provide freedom of choice to users


For SickleFlow :

Light-brown transparent fan blades for better LED effect.
Long life sleeve bearing for longer life expectancy.
Strong air flow to fortify cooling efficiency.
Silent operation as an excellent choice for case cooling.
RoHS compliance for protecting the environment.


The MasterFan MF120L WHITE, a new member of the MasterFan family, provides a targeted air cooling solution ideal for CPU coolers and chassis in-take fans at a favorable price. Designed for Builders with RGB-enabled PCs, you can feel the flow with full color fun, and perfect match your PC's theme. The MF120 L series includes five versions to choose from: RGB, blue LEDs, red LEDs, white LEDs, and colorless. It's a perfectly crafted 7-blade fan design that cools your system in silence.


for more detail you can visit these fans in Cooler Master page or please touch customer services to get more detail .

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