Quick Fire Rapid Mechanical K/board Issue

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Simon    0



I've got a Quick Fire Rapid keyboard. Was really enjoying it until it started playing up. Would get picked up by the PC sometimes but not always. Finally it gave up the ghost after probably a year. I boxed it up and put it away with the plan to come back to it at some point. So here we are. Its plugged in to my laptop now and not picked up at all. The SCR LK and CAPS LOCK lights are both solid so there is power.


Any one have some advice or is this a lost cause?



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Josh    0

I have a Quick Fire XT, and at times I would get random input lag/non-registering key presses at all.  Then yesterday, the issue jumped to a whole new level. Sometimes it doesn't detect the keyboard at all, and when it does, there is almost no response to typing. Maybe 1/20 key presses register. I bought the keyboard brand new, 5 months ago.  Tested all the USB ports on my PC, nothing changed.  Plugged in a logitech G105 into my machine and it works fine (typing on it now).  I have a pretty good idea that there is a driver or firmware issue with the keyboard. CM doesn't seem to release their own drivers, and I think it's catching up to them. I've tried uninstalled and reinstalling drivers, and it hasn't helped. Just submitted a ticket and hoping they'll give me a keyboard that 100% works.  I'd blame Microsoft, but I don't see the majority of other high end keyboards having these types of issues without legitimate fixes, so I hesitate to do so. Wish I could help you, but looks like we're in the same boat. 


I'd try uninstalling drivers and reinstalling. Maybe try turning on/off filter keys. Otherwise, I'm not sure what can be done. 

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