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Managing 2 RGB LED Controllers - 1 system

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I bought 8 x Cooler Master MasterFan Pro RGB's. I bought 2 of the 3 packs with a controller and 2 single fans.


So I have 2 controllers, as they only have four slots in them (8 fans).


When I have both of them plugged into my system, the RGB LED Controller software only shows me one controller. I cannot configure / manage the second controller.


Now, if I unplug one, start the software. I can manage that one. Unplug that one, plug the other one in again, I can manage the other. Just can't manage both when they are both plugged in.


Using two separate USB ports on the mobo, they both get identified correctly.


Can this work? It's dumb to have to unplug one to manage the device. Good news is that it keeps its configuration once you've got it set. Just very annoying.

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Hate to zombiefy a thread here, but I'm having issues trying to get an answer.


I'm planning a huge RGB build where I will need 2 controllers (I want each fan and strip managed separately). I'm going to have 6 fans and two strips - so 8 total individual pieces to control.


The link that @knud posted isn't working. 


Is there a workaround without needing to unplug and plug back in? 

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