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My COSMOS 2 25th is defective ?

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Tetsuo    0

My COSMOS 2, 25th edition has two side panels, its side panels has three clasps.
It clasps has two type. One type has notch to close the side panel.

Right side panel  clasps on Top/Bottom has notch, center clasp has not notch.
Left side panel clasp on Bottom has notch, top/center clasps has not the notch.
Left side panel easy open when case body incline.
I think left side panel clasp implementation is wrong.
Is  my understanding correct ?
If the part implementation is wrong, i will return the this case to shop.



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knud    128

The panel (first picture) you got seems not correct - the side with 3 pins (that go into the chassis to "clamp" the panel) are supposed to have 2 pins with notches (the 2 on the "outside").

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