Cpu load mode not working

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SnippO    0

Hello all,


I'm having issue about the CPU load mode with my new masterkeys pro l rgb: simply the keyboard doesn t light up in this mode.

The audio equalizer mode works correctly.

I have downloaded the SDK and i saw CPU value -1.

Any suggestion would be appreciated


Thank you

cpu load.jpg

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knud    129

What happens when you use the regular software (which can be downloaded via the portal)? Not sure about SDK.. this seems just an example that you need to further expand with functions (and compile).

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SnippO    0

Thanks for the reply,

led software let me select "system status" and set CPU load effect but seems not reading correctly the effective cpu load from windows (monitored with SDK example, the cpu load stay stuck at -1)

Audio equalizer mode reads correctly the audio signal and lights up the keyboard.

As additional information i encountered an error the first time i updated the firmware of the keyboard resulting in not any kind of illumination; reflashing went ok.

I was planning to flash previous firmware version but i can't find any firmware.





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