Is the Devastator 3 membrane keyboard loud?

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TofuVic    0

Hi. I am interested in the Devastator 3 membrane keyboard, and would like to know if it is loud. I prefer mechanical keyboards, but for the office, mechanical keyboards are too loud.


I am using a super basic HP KB-0316 keyboard at work, and am thinking about replacing it with the Devastator 3, but only if it is very similar in loudness levels.


Thank you!

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Sunday Morning    177

Hi TofuVic

Just Share ya .
I have 3 type keyboard from CM products ,
And sometimes i bring it to office
Short word here what i can say here is , I love using MasterKey Pro L switch brown because the sound like peace no war
For Devastator 3 i don`t have this KB but talked with HQ team , Due to membrane structure, Devastator 3 is relatively quieter than mechanical keyboards


To get best answer is try contact customer services , they will give you the best solution :)


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