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Hyper 212 Plus AM4 bracket not holding tight against mobo

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Doug    0

I recently received an AM4 bracket (part number RR-AM4B-H212-S1) and installed it according to the included directions and the posted YouTube video.

Unfortunately, the heatsink is not being held tight against the processor as one should expect. The included standoffs that screw into the stock backplate do not keep it taut against the motherboard. I would say there is 1/16"-1/8" of play. This is on an ASUS PRIME X370-PRO motherboard.

Also, The Hyper 212 Plus can be made to rotate on top of the processor, several degrees in either direction, with very little exertion force. 

Have I missed something critical in the instructions?


I've tried to start a ticket about this, but it won't go through no matter what I try. I am getting very frustrated.

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Same thing here with me on my Gigabyte X370 gaming 5.I was abled to fit 212 tightly on cpu by not using the mobo's back plate and screwed the standoffs from the upgrade kit directly to old nuts from 212 evo putting rubber spacers in between them for electric isolation.The problem is that the new standoffs are about 5-7 mm taller then they should be when they are installed on back plate.Ad-hoc solution wold be to use simple pieces of cardboard to put between standoffs and mobo and nuts and mobo.

BDW It's next to imposibble to find the AM4 upgrade kit in my country (Serbia).Even the distibutor didn't had them.



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didnt upload right picture

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